What Are the Best Fortnite Dances and Emotes, How You Can Do Them?

Fortnite has become popular among all the people because of its creative up-gradation. The battle royale game is now becoming famous because of the dances and emotes they have added to attract people. These dance moves are mostly inspired by people from the real world. These people are professional dancers or any social media influencer or people from tv series. Some of these dances and emotes which are most liked by people are discussed below.


The most popular fortnite dance among the people is floss emote. It is very popular among all the people, even celebrities copy steps of floss dance and upload it. Many professional dancers, as well as social media influencers, also perform this dance. It all started with the backpack kid who did this dance on Katy Perry performance and fortnite added it and it became viral overnight.

Orange Justice

The second one which is very popular among all the people in orange justice. This emote got viral after fortnite challenged everyone to send their moves so that they may get selected and can be uploaded as an official dance emote. So this kid in the orange shirt performed a step which was first not included but after that, there was a major petition which started, many youtube influencers supported this child and hence his dance was then added in the game under the name “orange justice”.

Electro Shuffle

The third most popular emote is electro shuffle. This is inspired by the youtube influencer; it is a very fast dance that’s why it was named as electro shuffle. Some people think this is the best dance in fortnite.