Top 5 Rarest Skin for Fortnite in the Item Shop

If you are wondering that what fortnite skin, you must choose for this Halloween here are some of the best fortnite skins which are available in the market and who will not disappoint you. There are some of the rare skins. The players who have those skins do not want to give back and want to keep them as a reward but the new players want all of them as they are very attracted. So the top 5 best fortnite skins are to be discussed.

Skull Trooper

The outfit or skin of skull trooper was also available in the year 2017 but then it went missing because of its high demand and came back after a year. It is one of the best skin which is available in the fortnite.

Skull Ranger

This skin was released in 2018, it is also one of the skin which cannot be purchased easily. It was last available online approximately 336 days ago.

Ghoul Trooper

Ghoul Trooper is one of the rarest fortnite skin which is available. It was first available in 2017 so that players can purchase it. It has not been in the shop for more than 650 days so people are unable to purchase it.


Brainiac is one of the uncommon skin and it appeared last year in the shop. It has been only appeared four times since that time.

Hallow head

It is also one of the best skin which is not easily available online. It is one of the best skins and was last available approximately 336 days ago. This skin also comes with a cloak. This is one of that skin that may return this month.