Level UP Fast in Season 11-Fortnite Chapter two Guides

Leveling up is very important as it unlocks the next chapter. So you can level up fast by doing many things such as earning medals which are required for opening the next chapter. In season 11 it will be difficult for you to have the next level as now you need to earn several medals. If you want, you level to get higher then you have to do some tasks daily. We will discuss how you can gain experience to make your level up easily.

Leveling Increase

There are some medals which can help you in getting level up easily. These include earning medals such as the first match medal, this medal can be earned every day by only playing this game. Another is battle medal; this medal can be earned only by eliminating other players. It changes from bronze to gold by at least eliminating either 1, 4 or 8 players from the game. Another medal that can help in leveling up easily is scavenger medal, in this medal, the player needs to search through supply llamas, supply drops or the player can also search through chests. So this can be leveled up by searching through a different number of these things the number can be 4, 8 or even it can be 12.

Play Team Rumble

Another medal that can help in upgrading the level is a survivor model in this model you have to reach in the top 10, 25 or even 50.

Key Considerations

By doing this you can easily upgrade your level and move to chapter 2 where there are several challenges which you have to achieve by the above tricks.