Fortnite Patch Notes Ebook, Massive Changes You Want to Know About

There are many updates that fortnite have in this season. Updates that before this season meant that increase in skins and also new weapons and changes in the map also. But in this version of fortnite, only the changes were made to fix the bugs which were there in the last seasons. So there were only these moderate changes that occurred in season 11. There are no patch notes or other major changes that you may expect.

Fortnite update 2020 : Battle Royale changes and fixed buxs

When fortnite was released it was appreciated and it became distinguished battle royale and has three major factors that made it this way. First of all, it competed with the already games which were there in the market such as PUBG and shared equal space with those games. It did this by releasing free to play so the gamers drop the decision of spending $30 on PUBG and moved to Fortnite. Secondly, it handled most of those problems which PUBG was facing at that time. The technical problems which were there in PUBG like some issues like sort of things it handled that well because it was easy for a big company like an epic to handle such a problem. Thirdly it gave players a large number of content so that they may enjoy everything. It raised the expectations of gamers high so they moved to this instead of playing PUBG. It introduced new and outstanding weapons, skins items, maps and many other such things that attracted players and they moved to fortnite. With the release of another chapter which is chapter 2, the hype of this game increased way too much. It is one of the best games which people like now a day.