Do Not Attempt This VC NBA2K19 Glitch:

It is only for information purposes that we report this. Virtual activities nba2k19 generators or VC bug attempts may not adhere to the ULA games and are therefore exclusively appropriate for your gaming activities.

This process for generating VC nba2k19 with loads of revenues can be repeated several times. You can use this link for comparison, though, to get all the information expanded. To MyCareer, make a new match, but the center position, main skill to shoot 3pt, secondary for creation of shot, height to maximum, setting wingspan to the maximum don’t change the weight of the player.

Pick a team that will send you a deal with a low minute bench player. The Pacers, Knicks, and Grizzlies are teams perfect for that. Build a counteroffer of 650 VC per game with all else to 0, when negotiating the contract. You’ll have to combat this potentially more than once.

Start playing the next game and then quit. Load up the navigation menu again and simulate the season until 1 April, and you will now receive multiple endorsements. Without getting stubbed in, start the next game. To cause the next endorsement, leave w / VC or end the game. For whatever excuse, if you can’t get interested, make sure you do it in the next session.

It will be there after loading up the navigation menu and the 5000 VC Foot Locker event. Don’t pick this yet!!! Go to Neighborhood then leave the main menu and finish the game.

Set up NBA 2K19 to MyCareer that will spawn you in your neighborhood. Load the navigation screen and pick approvals, Foot Locker case and then attend. Open the picture that is coming up and wait for the notification “Your 5000 VC are now available.” Exit the game.