Robloxy-working-freerobux-generator of 2019

We discovered a free way to earn Microsoft reward points that you can redeem for free robux.

For this to work your going to need a Microsoft account that you can get for free. Once you have your Microsoft account setup you can go to ( and there will be a quick quiz you need to take. But upon completion of the quiz you get 55 points and it only takes about 2 minutes.

So now you got a good start towards getting those free robux.

Next you will be provided with a bunch of options to earn more points daily. Some activities include:

Once you have completed enough reward activities you can use the points to claim a $5 Microsoft Gift Card. Next you need to go to the Microsoft store and search for Roblox ROBUX. You will see a bunch of different Robux amounts you can buy. Just make sure to pick one that matched the amount you have in your Microsoft gift card.

There you go, now you got yourself some free robux without having to spend any money.