Clever Ways to Earn Robux

Robux are the premium currency for the huge game Roblox.

Since the game has gotten so popular Robux have been a hot commodity on the internet these days. Now you can purchase Robux with your own money though the platform that you play on, but not everyone has extra cash to spend on Robux and there are only a few ways for players to get them in-game. We’ll go over all the ways we know of to get those coveted Robux in your hands with minimal cost to you.

If you’ve already done some digging on this subject you may have come across “Robux Generator” sites. These sites do not work. The creators of Roblox themselves encourage reporting sites that claim they have a “Robux Generator” since they sites could cause potential harm to their players. You may also stumble across sites that offer “hacks” or “cheats” to obtain Robux, and I can tell you that they are a bad idea if you really enjoy playing Roblox. There is no faster way to lose your game account faster than cheating. It’s not worth getting banned to get a couple of Robux. You can’t spend them if you can’t play the game.

In our experience the most reliable way to earn Robux for free is to become a Builder’s Club member.

Though the membership ranges in monthly cost, you do still get Robux daily while still a member. Being a Builder’s club member also gives you access to other perks that include additional ways to earn more than your daily stipend of Robux for your club membership.

Being a builder’s club member allows you to sell things from your private stash to other players for Robux. If you end up with more pairs of pants than you could ever want, feelfree to find someone who is in dire need of pants and you both get to engage in beautiful commerce together. Do you have too many shirts? Find someone who is shirtless and offer them a deal! If you have a particularly high quality game made, or a fun social space to engage set up a cover charge for entering your place. Keep in mind that most people will only pay for access to high quality games and places, so if this is the way you want to go to earn your Robux, make sure you put the time and effort in to make the fee worth paying. You can also sell game passes, which are essentially items that give your players perks or bonuses for your world. Game passes are the only way for non-members to earn a few Robux.

Now the last way to get Robux is to participate in a website that gives you points for participating in their program. There are sites that will pay you in gift cards and sometimes specific in game currencies for checking out ads, filling out surveys and downloading apps. There are scam sites that operate this way as well so be vigilant and read the page’s legal notices and terms of service, and actively avoid any pages that aren’t secured.