Best Way To Get VC For NBA2K19

To start, if you haven’t heard of VC in NBA 2K19, it stands for Virtual Currency. Not very original but that’s what the NBA2k series has been using for a while now and it works. VC can be earned for free by playing various game modes in NBA2K19 and then spent to unlock a ton of additional content within the game. Arguably the biggest use for VC in NBA2K19 is upgrading your player in MyCareer Mode.

Starting out as a draft failure you will be working your way up to become a superstar basketball player in the story-like game mode. VC can be used to upgrade key skills attributes like three point shooting, cutting and step-backs.You’ll probably also be using the VC (Virtual Currency) to be purchasing more packs in MyTeam Mode. Within this mode you are basically creating the best basketball team possible and will need to use your VC to get the packs for a chance at obtaining more players, items, and jerseys which will help you to be the best team in NBA2K19.So what’s the best way to earn FREE NBA2K19 VC? Below you will find some of the fastest and most efficient ways to get VC.

Within MyCareer mode there is another mode called “Neighborhood mode”. Playing games in the Neighborhood mode will always guarantee you VC coins. Win or Lose, you will always earn VC playing this game mode.Within MyCareer mode you can also earn VC just by playing the game and the amount of NBA2K19 VC can be boosted by completing more passes and sinking shots.The sneakier way to earn NBA2K19 VC is to simulate games in MyLeague then hoping into the game right at the end. As long as your in the game when the clock runs out you will qualify for some VC.The last way is to play single player games in MyTeam mode, this will accomplish two things. One, you’ll rack up VC with some good offensive play and two, you’ll be slowly earning points towards unlocking elite players that can join your team.If you want to unlock some content with VC and don’t have enough time to follow the NBA 2K19 VC tips above, you can purchase VC for real cash.

If you get your hands on a locker code for NBA 2K19 you can follow these steps to redeem it.

These steps will also work for Switch Locker Codes too.